Demi Rose Flashes Herself In A See-Through Dress At A Fashion Event.

The UK based model Demi Rose has always been known for her aggressive dressing. The time isn’t very far when she would become the poster girl of prestigious brands like Gucci, LOUIS VUITTON and most probably she would endorse the lingerie segment as she has got impeccable curves. Like Kardashians, she would reach her prime very soon and would endorse Calvin Klein among other brands.

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Recently she was spotted at a fashion event in Shoreditch and god she was flashing herself. She was wearing all black and the see-through helped her fans to see what she has underneath.

Wearing all balck and showing what’s underneath.


Demi Rose credits Kardashians for paving way for models like her to showcase their skills and curves. She thinks Kardashians as rivals and kind of enjoys the same life as they do. Demi loves to party and is often seen among richest people of the town.

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“I love the best parties, yachts and fast cars – but deep down I’m just a kid from Sutton Coldfield who got lucky.”

She looked scintillating at the fashion event.



She says movies have always been her main goal and she is very passionate about it. Although she is cruising to a successful modelling career and her Instagram handle is a proof of that. Go and watch her there, you wouldn’t want to miss those.

A lot to digest!


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Demi rose to fame after an alleged affair with Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga. It worked wonders for her as she got the right amount of publicity to get into the groove. She is just 23-years-old and got 6.9 Million followers on Instagram. And boy who wouldn’t follow her to see those scintillating curves.